Little Sponge.

Everyone thinks and feels differently. All these outcomes are determined by one’s preferences, past experiences and current perception on the outer world. This makes a world filled with diverse outcomes by different people. These outcomes have effects on the outer world. Whether it’d be a company’s next step on launching a new product, or the decision of a new mom wanting to buy strollers for her new baby. Everything is linked indefinitely.

Now, to say my actions are based on neutral perspective is biased because I, myself, have the preference for neutral perspective–but there is no one to judge on the scale of neutrality. The only guide that has been my best friend since day one, is, logic.

Hence, I prefer to be a sponge (not Spongebob). I prefer to think of myself as a little sponge who stays passive, yet absorbs everything there is to be absorbed. I’m not the one you want to call if you want to make a quick decision about something. Hell, I’m not the one to call if you want me to help you (unless you matter to me that much).

I feel that by knowing as much of knowledge there is, I am confident in treading along the path of what others call as life. I call it a game. A huge game where you get to control what you can, and find a way around things that you can’t.

This blog serves as a magnifying glass to my (usually unfinished) thoughts. Mostly will be filled with incomplete, and I doubt it will ever be complete, posts about things. Should you feel the urge to discuss about matters I have posted, please write me an email. If your primary intention is to insult my being, please leave. Nothing else would get you blocked from not only my web browsers, but my life as all, if you are too bored with your life that you decide to play around with mine’s.

However, if you want to discuss it for the sake of discussion, write me an email.



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