CaptureHey there. I’m Ness (the one on the left) –an 18 year old student. Although the purpose of this blog is to record my experiences in my soon-to-be home, Melbourne, I might as well start “preparing” this blog now.

Here you’ll find my random thoughts, or even things that are pretty damn personal to me. Hence, I will restrict my blogging posts up to a limit where I won’t disclose any personal information for security reasons. You’ll only know my name, how my face looks and bits of my thought patterns.

My goal for this blog is simple. To express myself through online writing (and practice my writing skills as well). If you happen to read something that you disagree with and intend to insult me for that, please leave. On the other hand, if you disagree with my ideas but have an urge to discuss it with me, feel free to write me an email (as long as you back your ideas logically). I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Have fun reading my blog and stay cool.